About the Comic

Your death is my living.

Picture this: you're in a strange, new place. Everyone, especially the guy you like, seems to think you're "odd". You're encountered by myths on a daily basis. Oh, and you're a death god now.

At the Institution for Training in the Arts of Death, people who have renounced their former lives struggle to maintain their humanity while training to become Gods of Death. The history of the Institute is interwoven with many successes but also with many complex relationships and personal hardships, so it becomes easy to lose sight of good, mercy, and the highest of loves—especially when one lives to deal with death and that beyond.

Do their morals change as humans adjust to Shinigami living? How is their worldview affected? What becomes of their past issues? Have they become boxed into a new role, or are they finally free?

And will Shinigami history repeat itself?

"Eat, drink, and be merry...for tomorrow, you die."

Rated M.

Basically, it's like this:

Pie Chart

All within reasonably good taste. Most of the time.


I do not condone many of the worser actions of my characters, as they are slowly becoming beings transcendant of humans and human traits. As dealers in death, they acquire minds that consider many things and situations beyond what we face. I would also note that all of this is made-up fiction, including the concepts of spirituality created for this story and characters' ideologies, however realistic.

This is also not a site for pornography of any sort. So, if you came here expecting that, too bad.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content
Although there is some not-so-kid-friendly, ever-so-slightly NSFW stuff. (This comic contains dark/disturbing themes. You've been warned.)

Umbra Hibiku Yu Oni ITAD