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Alias Miluette • Gender F • Occupation Graphic/Web Designer, Illustrator • Race Human (???) • Likes Reading, writing, drawing, eating; platform video games, graphic novels, comics, BL, fantasy, culture, fruit, pizza, life

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Milu draws and writes all the time and enjoys doing so, especially since graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2008 with a BFA in Visual Communications. She has won a couple awards since then and currently works as a web content specialist. She wiles away the hours absorbing many things, absorbing them into her subconscious. She tries to infuse those things into her work -- you know, before they vanish into the aether. She is a fan of alternative rock, world music, and strange genres of everything, from independent animation to video games. She also enjoys classic RPGs and mythology. She's a huge geek about all those things, and she sometimes collects things that gather dust but look cool doing it. She spends a lot of time developing her original comic, a fantasy/adventure epic with splashes of fun.


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