Dramatis Personæ

A myriad of would-be Shinigami from all over the world converge! For the most part, they're people who probably should never have met.

Note: A lot of characters here have nicknames on top of pseudonyms made just for public display in the Institute.

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Currently active and peculiar students of the ITAD.

Kusari Takada ("Chains")

Chains Takada likes salty things.

Age: 22
Eyes: Olive green, hazel-centered
Hair: Soft blonde (natural: black)
Height: 5'4"
Origin/Ethnicity: Osaka, Japan/Japanese
Blood Type: O-
Major/Minor: ???
Current Year: 1/Freshman
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 0, Page 1

Sharp of wit but seldom scathing, this new student plans to make himself known. He has an air about him which draws in people's attention yet keeps them at their distance - lest he make eye contact. He's actually a lot more considerate than he seems...and kind of geeky.

Guilty Pleasures: Fruit, dirty jokes, cooking, banana slugs
Could Do Without: Sour foods, being hungry, lyrical music when he has to concentrate, pores

Eustace Kirsch ("Yu")

Eustace Kirsch uses a comfort pillow.

Age: 23
Eyes: Violet, red-centered (natural: blue)
Hair: Black
Height: 5'7"
Origin/Ethnicity: Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany/Half-Greek, half-German
Blood Type: B-
Major/Minor: Ero
Current Year: 2/Fledgling
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 0, Page 1

A mildly intimidating man with fewer friends than you might think. He managed to forge a relationship with Sana in his first year, though he finds his eye (and other things) wandering in spite of his usually-strong will. Besides men, he pursues a cause, a reason to survive the days.

He managed to have his recently-deceased and beloved pet schnauzer, Iffle, restored into Shikigami form by the Bureau. Iffle's not the same, but it comforts him nonetheless.

Guilty Pleasures: Sex, magazines, backscratches, breakfast
Could Do Without: Liars, cold sores, guilt, vegetables

Nkosana Kone ("Sana")

Sana Kone wears peacoats.

Age: 28
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dirty white
Height: 6'4"
Origin/Ethnicity: Johannesburg, South Africa/Xhosa
Blood Type: A+
Major/Minor: Murmur/Ero
Current Year: 2/Fledgling

A man with a very distinctly direct demeanor Ė proud, opinionated, somewhat jealous. His statuesque build belies a certain lack of strength. He tends not to like it when things donít go his way but is easily mollified...sometimes. Most of his lifeís efforts have fallen flat, causing him to have very low expectations when it comes to most things, finding disappointment better than nothing at all. However, in this school, he is beginning to let himself hope again.

Guilty Pleasures: Sub sandwiches, monkeys, robots, cars (he misses cars)
Could Do Without: People who bother Eustace, the dark (secret!), birds, dogs (don't tell Yu)

Hibiku Tanja

Hibi Tanja is a pseudo-fashonista.

Age: 19
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Hot teal (natural: blonde)
Height: 5'4"
Origin/Ethnicity: Chicago, Illinois, USA/Half-Japanese, half-Caucasian
Blood Type: AB-
Major/Minor: ???
Current Year: 1/Freshman
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 1, Page 17

A young woman with a style of her own, she reads between the beats of life and tries to discern her path. She's typically a great judge of character -- so, naturally, her peers tend to go along with her, at least at first. A love of nature and modernism makes her seem progressive, but, as with many, her hang-ups lay in the past, and it's easy to bring them to surface.

Guilty Pleasures: Vanilla caramel-wafer ice cream, gymnastics, shiny clothing, hair dye
Could Do Without: Labels, jellybeans (especially black ones), GCI movies, romantic comedies

Emblem Shieldwell

Emblem Shieldwell is totally into ultimate fighting.

Age: 24
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn
Height: 6'
Origin/Ethnicity: Fresno, California, USA/Native American (75%), Caucasian (25%)
Blood Type: B-
Major/Minor: ???
Current Year: 1/Freshman
First Appearance: ???

Since his high school days, he's spent a lot of time disciplining his mind and body in attempt to reform himself. Scars on his body serve remnants of his former fighting habits and intense bodybuilding. He's surprisingly soft-spoken and very easy to get to. He had a car accident a few years ago that disabled one of his legs, but with Shinigami training the feeling is beginning to return!

Guilty Pleasures: steak, walks, beaches, Hibiku
Could Do Without: MMuscle cramps, the cold, plaid, lack of steak

Vivienne Chevigny

Vivian Chevigny acknowledges the allure of the Powerpuff Girls.

Age: 14
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange
Height: 4'11"
Origin/Ethnicity: Copenhagen, Denmark/Danish
Blood Type: B+
Major/Minor: ???
Current Year: 1/Freshman
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 1, Page 19

Being so young, Vivi often looks to her peers for support and guidance, despite how a lot of her peers can't immediately be trusted. She always appears happy and knowledgeable beyond the others' understanding, ever able to provide her friends with moral support and/or vital information, sometimes seemingly from nowhere. Having a complicated life aided her appreciation of simpler things.

Guilty Pleasures: Bees, fables, science, traveling
Could Do Without: Prickly plants, vegetables, indirect people, negativity

Nexy Tear

Nexy Tear can touch her ass with her head.

Age: 20
Eyes: White (black-rimmed)
Height: 5'5.5"
Hair: Blue (natural: blonde)
Origin/Ethnicity: Saint Petersburg, Russia/Russian
Blood Type: O+
Major/Minor: Heart/Murmur
Current Year: 3/Sophomore
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 0, Page 6

Strong-willed and multifaceted, Nexy also has a tendency to be strong-headed and fast to act. She is confident; her actions tend to be larger-than life, yet she also keeps incidents within her ability. She tends to make friends of anyone pretty easily and has a wide range of interests, as well as a few hidden passions. Some take her abilities to be the advantage of being a teacher's daughter, but she is actually more challenged by that position -- and empowers herself. Formerly a gymnast training for the Olympics, double-jointed and somewhat stretchy, her body is capable of superhuman flexibility.

Guilty Pleasures: Kickboxing, small animals, the color blue, decoupage
Could Do Without: Troublemakers, daemons, oppressors, weakness

Un Papillon

Un Papillon vehemently denies that he's a slut.

Age: 21
Eyes: Dark grey
Hair: Light white-violet
Height: 5'3"
Origin/Ethnicity: Corsica, France/Half-Italian, half-French
Blood Type: O-
Major/Minor: Sound
Current Year: 5/Junior
First Appearance: ???

He's not so full of himself as he appears, but Un Papillon still is aloof from most students. He's known for being somewhat sexually skilled, as well as "generous" - his allure a big contribution. He has a strange, mildly obsessive way of compiling information on things he likes whenever and wherever he can. He tends to divert conversations away from the topic of his life.

Guilty Pleasures: Music, photo-collecting, cheese, shampoo
Could Do Without: Molasses, books with bent spines, "people who obsess", coffee

Cinna Mon

Cinna Mon doesn't like cinnamon.

Age: 20
Eyes: Brown-red
Hair: Dirty blonde (natural: dark red)
Height: 5'10"
Origin/Ethnicity: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy/Italian
Blood Type: AB+
Major/Minor: ???
Current Year: 1/Freshman
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 0, Page 23

This boy does whatever he can with his twin brother, Min. It was, of course, Min's idea to become a Shinigami; Cinna tends to mimic his brother in any way he can, though whether it is out of habit is unsure. He's not at all quick of wit, but he's committed to his convictions and has a big heart.

Guilty Pleasures: fruit-scented soap, long summer days, pillows, cats
Could Do Without: winter coats, long books without pictures, bitter food, ants

Min Mon

Min Mon has a powerful sense of smell.

Age: 20
Eyes: Brown-red
Hair: Dark red
Height: 5'10"
Origin/Ethnicity: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy/Italian
Blood Type: AB+
Major/Minor: ???
Current Year: 1/Freshman
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 0, Page 23

Min, the more dominant Mon brother (he says that he came out first, though he knows otherwise), has a lot of ideas that don't often come to fruition. He exudes a strange and most certainly misplaced air of importance and always demands his way. He can be awfully blunt at times and too vague at other times, and he cannot stand being told his weak points. He spent a good deal of his life sheltering his brother.

Guilty Pleasures: horses, winter gardens, croissant rolls
Could Do Without: rocks, "unclean" things, brushing teeth


Those who serve to edify the would-be Shinigami in the ways of this world.

Lord Isu / Noel Isu

Lord Isu just doesn't get hip hop.

Age: 46
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown, blonde-tipped
Height: 5'8"
Origin/Ethnicity: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada/Caucasian
Blood Type: A-
Major/Minor: n/a
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 1, Page 16

Teacher of the History classes and a scholar for decades, he has an extensive knowledge of standards, happenings, and ethics relating to Shinigami and worldwide cultures. He himself is not a Shinigami, but has been allowed to work at the ITAD with all his knowledge. He has prioritized knowledge over many other aspects of his life, which has caused more than a few problems.

Guilty Pleasures: His students, his student, history
Could Do Without: Being ignored, being sick, being annoyed

Lady Ai / Aigami

Lady Ai is a no-nonsense kind of person.

Age: 35
Eyes: Dark amber
Hair: Red-yellow (fade)
Height: 5'5"
Origin/Ethnicity: Yangzhou, China/Chinese
Blood Type: AB-
Major/Minor: Heart/State
Divine Weapon: Singr (Flute)
First Appearance: ???

A very serious and powerful person, Lady Ai treats most of her concerns as if there were nothing more important - yet she never gets attached to anything. Hence, she makes absolutely certain that the decisions made in her Discovery class are 100% sure, or waits and monitors the students who cannot choose very closely until they are sure. She often does not understand others because they are unwilling/unable to open themselves to her, or she simply can't comprehend their thinking.

Guilty Pleasures: Order, gemstones, waterfalls (the power!)
Could Do Without: Interruption, noise, birds

Lady Gachan / Gagami

Lady Gachan wishes she were a full cyborg.

Age: 24 (appearance); 221
Eyes: Green
Hair: Teal-green
Height: 5'6"
Origin/Ethnicity: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom/Scottish
Blood Type: B+
Major/Minor: State/Heart
First Appearance: ???

One of the younger instructors in the Institution, Gachan is energetic in her teaching of the sciences. Her two abilities combined with her enthusiasm make her a deadly oppnent and an effective Shinigami. Her good moods are not easily ruined. She's steadfast and nearly unflappable, but a few things are known to bring her to her knees. She feels she hasn't done enough with her two centuries' worth of life.

Guilty Pleasures: Popcorn, creating things, fizz
Could Do Without: Plastic, acid, funny smells


Chester likes Mondays.

Age: 36
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Ice blue
Height: 6'1"
Origin/Ethnicity: Saint Petersburg, Russia/Russian
Blood Type: O
Major/Minor: Clash/Murmur
Divine Weapon: Slayr (Beam Sword)
First Appearance: ???

The sole counselor of students at the ITAD, he provides emotional support and guidance to all the Shinigami coping with their new state of being. Good-natured, smiling, and eager to help, people sometimes wonder how he handles it all himself...

Guilty Pleasures: Art, science, aerobics, dance
Could Do Without: Being chased, being lead on, being manipulated, being lied to

Lord Durian / Durigami

Lord Durian is manry.

Age: 52 (appearance); 213
Eyes: Green
Hair: Salt and pepper
Height: 6'3"
Origin/Ethnicity: New Zealand/Half-Caucasian, half-Australian (Indigenous)
Blood Type: O
Major/Minor: Clash/Heart
Divine Weapon: Cleavr
First Appearance: ???

A man very sure of himself, Lord Durian is bold in his actions and dealings. Many cite him as an example of the exemplary courage needed to be able to reap souls. Some say that his methods of training are a bit too extreme, but his regimen produces results over time, so there are no real complaints.

Guilty Pleasures: Lima beans, hang-gliding, bear-wrestling, weaving
Could Do Without: Overeating, too-hot weather, smoking, lengthy monologues

Lord Basil / Basilisk / Basilgami

Lord Basil has a soft spot for chick flicks.

Age: 35 (appearance); ???
Eyes: Grey
Hair: None
Height: 7'5"
Origin/Ethnicity: Colombia/???
Blood Type: B
Major/Minor: State/Heart
First Appearance: ???

A strong competitor, a skilled warrior, and a stunningly helpful fellow, he's one of the most liked teachers in the Institute. His origins are of rumor: some say he was once a lizard bestowed the gift of human shape and mind by a benevolent Spirit. Having so much newfound time on his hands, he lived a human life, then became a Shinigami.

Guilty Pleasures: Rock-climbing, seashells, sunning himself
Could Do Without: Dark places, undercooked food, being tickled

Lord Ryougami

Lord Ryougami doesn't read as often as he'd like to.

Age: 55 (appearance); 465
Eyes: Red
Hair: Cornflower blonde
Height: 6'5"
Origin/Ethnicity: Kyoto, Japan/Japanese
Blood Type: AB+
Major/Minor: Claw
First Appearance: Year 1, Testament 0, Page 25

The current Principal of the Institute and King of Death Gods. The very third to have ever had control of the Institute, he maintains all the rules and does a great job of keeping the place and its maintainers in order. He took a more holistic approach to the training of Shinigami and radically changed the Institute from what it once was. He himself chose all the teachers and has utmost trust in them. He is remarkably genial and sometimes blends into the environment as if he were a student, even in spite of his large presence. Despite his apparent age, he still looks something of a more refined young adult. He doesn't like to openly dwell on personal matters, although he is quite personable himself.

Since the role of leader descended ultimately from Shi (and he himself acquired the role by being valedictorian the year of his graduation), he is the go-between for Shinigami and God. Not many such go-betweens are had these days - the business has expanded, and issues are low - but he is the highest and most powerful Shinigami there is, well-rounded but excelling in Claw and not to be trifled with.

Guilty Pleasures: The color yellow, white shirts, the smell of wood
Could Do Without: Ink splatter, wallpaper, the color black


Nazogami is a total horn-dog, but would deny that to your face.

Age: 36 (appearance); 875
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn w/green streaks
Height: Varies
Origin: Brazil/Natural daemon
Blood Type: None
daemon Rank: Devil (Incubus/Earth)
First Appearance: ???

One of Shi's original four Apprentices when the Institute was founded - and the only daemon ever trusted to live on Institute grounds - serves as the Shinigami as Vice President. Feelings of inadequacy linger from experiences with Presidents of the past, hindering his interactions with Ryougami.

It is said that he never inherited the full-on Principal position because he lacks leadership skills despite his experience, but he believes it's because he is an daemon who cannot be purified.
Never having been overly hostile, Nazogami earned a place amongst the ranks of Shinigami in peace, receiving his own Shinigami title. He is very respected and slightly feared, mostly because of his heavily human (yet not-too-human) appearance and strange aura.

Guilty Pleasures: Silence, quiet music, climbing, burrowing
Could Do Without: Noise, food, fur, plants


Any Shinigami who has graduated from or simply left the ITAD.


Wren was once into old cowboy westerns.

Age: ???
Eyes: Yellow (pink centers)
Hair: Dark blue, purple-tipped
Height: 5'10"
Origin/Ethnicity: ???/Austrian
Blood Type: O-
Type: Clash/Ero
First Appearance: ???

Not a current student but rather an "alumnus" (read: drop-out) of the Institute, he is local and known to pop in on some of their field missions, despite being forbidden on the grounds. He has been Marked not to be trusted. He and Chester have an apparent rivalry for all these interruptions, but their mysterious disappearances mid-battle cannot be accounted for...

Guilty Pleasures: Fighting, card games, "large weapons"
Could Do Without: Evasiveness, wobbly chairs, spoiled milk


Various Shinigami have formed alliances...

The Vakyries

These Shinigami, in addition to assisting Souls, became organized to seek out others who have fallen in combat and revive them before they perish. They often appear themed after ravens or swans. They are much like the Valkyries of Norse legend, picking up and/or healing wounded Shinigami stranded all over the world.

The Forgotten

Not a formal group, these Shinigami back from before the days of the Institute are wanderers, unskilled and mostly loners. Considered worthless by contemporary Shinigami, they have withdrawn from every society. Many live as hermits in or below the earth in the farthest regions, most uninhabitable by regular people, the environments changing their very beings.

. . .

Minor Dramatis Personæ

Not as prominent yet almost as important.


More important members of the Bureau of Rings.

Semar: A very important Shikigami - the Bureau's Minister of Shinigami Affairs. Arctic Fox. Appearances:
Daylis: A very important Shikigami - the Bureau's Minister of Shinigami Relations and head of International Transport. Dove. Appearances:
Oguro: An Orangutan who occasionally assists Lady Ai. He spends a lot of time shaping and polishing gemstones. Appearances: ♦ ♦
Kone: A fat tabby Cat who acts as Ryougami's spy. Even those who look directly at him tend not to notice him. Appearances: ♦ ♦
Jyari: A Gorilla Shikigami maintainer at the school who silently, somewhat creepily, keeps the hallways swept. He also looks after all the smaller Shikigami in their passing work. Appearances: ♦ ♦
Iffle: Eustace's schnauzer, now a Shikigami required to clean up every night at 10:30. Works diligently. Appearances: ♦ ♦
Gatekeeper: The guard of the Institute's front. A strange Chimæra and sapient beast which was formerly a wolfdog. Appearances: ♦ ♦
Wayfinder: The guard of the Institute's rear grounds. Much smaller than Gatekeeper, he is a spry Mink, but no less powerful because of that. Appearances: ♦ ♦

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