Developmental Artwork


Completed Artwork & Fanstuff

Concept art and character sketches. Warning: a little bit of old-and-ugly.

Newest = top left.
Slightly mature/nudity Spoiler Alert!


Year 4 Chains and Jobs Board/Trinkets Year 4 Chains and Weapons Fila Designs Noel Isu, the human teacher A different version of Emblem, and Ohbi No Jonegami Kabengami Cinna (Shirtless) Min Emblem Donna Donna Fila & Donna Page Wren & Chester Page Nexy Various Faces Chains Chains Chains

Oni, Spirits, & Shikigami

Spirit Helper: ReKappa Oni: Tuxedo Snake Shikigami: Daylis Shikigami: Semar Oni: Affinity Shikigami: Gatekeeper

Various Shinigami

Resen Tami Simon Enfield Silph Bird of Paradise Dmitri Avenni, or Demigami Freya Avenni, or Freyagami First Shinigami Obigami Satorn Moth


Institute 01


Soul Counter (A Mock-up) More Uniforms Male Uniform Female Uniform Institute Emblem Uniforms Original

Umbra Hibiku Yu Oni ITAD