Shinigami Starter's Guide

(Handed out to prospective students of the ITAD by their Shikigami, this guide gives those individuals a brief insight into the world they will soon be entering.)

Welcome to the Institute for Training in the Arts of Death!

Based in a five-story castle amongst scenic mountains and forests, the Institute for Training in the Arts of Death (or ITAD) will be your new home as you train to become another of this world's esteemed Gods of Death! Fitted with modern facilities, it contains everything you need to live and grow as a Shinigami for the next several years. You are sure to make strong alliances and grow in character.


Your training will depend on your major and minor combination, from which there are seven to choose: Clash (physical attack), Ero (sexuality), State (alchemy), Heart (body alchemy), Sound (holy), Claw (animal), and Murmur (spells). Training lasts for a minimum of seven years.

As you train through the years, you might notice new appendages like wings, horns, and claws; your entire physical appearance may even begin to shift! It is natural in the process of becoming a god.

What Shinigami Do

As Shinigami, not only will you be handling the souls of the dead, but you will be assigned to challenge daemons who attempt to interfere with people's lives!

Your training will determine what kind of daemon you're eventually assigned to face. As for the souls, dealing with them can often be just as trying, as the soul may have difficulty coming to terms with their deaths -- or even their lives. Every soul Situation is unique, but you will come to master them all!


Of course, it isn't all training and study at the Institute! There are a wide range of student-run organizations, often centered inside our comfortable accommodations. You'll often find the Ero Club in the Student Lounge, or Aqua Club at the pool. Don't be afraid to join a club and make friends!

You'll also find several Posts near the Institute and throughout the world, often run by Ronadas and surrounded by fun activities. Give them a go in your free months!


A list of words you'll be hearing a lot from now on:

  • Shinigami: The Japanese word for "God of Death." That's what you are now! You take souls and send them to Purgatory.
  • Souls: The deceased essence of a person, as far as you're concerned. We don't deal with living souls.
  • Daemons: There are many natural daemons in this world, but there are also souls that become daemons. You must fight them if they interfere with living souls. Beware the different classes!
  • Wanderer: A wandering soul in transition to becoming a daemon. Sometimes dangerous, but can be easily transformed back into a soul.
  • Spirits: Apparitions, Poltergeists, Wraiths, Bakemono. They reside all throughout the Spiritual world and may or may not help you.
  • Physical/Spirit Plane: One is where you used to be. The other is where you are now. This is where ethereal Spirits live! You can use a Water Mirror to switch between them.
  • Purgatory: Where all dead people go, no matter what. Heaven's for angels, and Hell doesn't exist yet!(1)
  • Soul Sense: Your "sixth sense". It can be honed to locate the souls of the deceased.
  • Umbri: The caretakers of Purgatory, whose true forms Shinigami can't see.
  • Divine Weapon: The soul-weapon certain types of Shinigami use to fight daemons.
  • Gems: Now more than just jewelry, they can help store and refine your energy based on types.
  • Curses: They're very real and can make you sick. Try to avoid getting them, especially from daemons.
  • -gami: Sometimes Death Gods attach this suffix to their aliases once they become Aether-rank.
  • "Ashes and Aether": A phrase describing what becomes of a Shinigami that doesn't make it out of a fight. Hey, it happens sometimes.

For further information on this terminology and more, please consult the Library for books such as The Laws and the World.

Did You Know...

  • that Shinigami are immortal?(2)
  • that when you become a Shinigami, you lose your guardian angel? Ta-ta, Divine Protection!
  • that Shinigami appear as (ab)normal people to the living while on the Physical Plane?

Generally Forbidden

These things a Shinigami should never do!

  • Take a human life too soon: their deaths must come without interference.
  • Attempt to kill another Shinigami: the precious few there are must learn to coexist peacefully.
  • Possess another body: this goes double for bodies still with their own soul. A big no-no.(3)

For some breaches of the rules, there will be sentencing; for others, instant death waits.
These may be grim realizations, but they must be well-understood!

(1) Shinigami are never allowed to enter Purgatory, so don't ask.

(2) Unless killed, which entails the entire head being destroyed. Otherwise, you will go on living until the end of time.

(3) Shinigami Possession: As you become a Shinigami and come into contact with many daemons, you will find it is easy to become possessed by one, or even several at once, on the Spirit Plane. However, through a now-forbidden process called "Light Bending," a Shinigami's soul can also leave their own body and possess any soulless body (sometimes even by forcing the soul from the body by "soul Swapping"). While the techniques to swap souls and possess bodies are still known by elder Shinigami, they are no longer taught in the Institute. Because of the danger to both bodies during and after the swap (leaving a Shinigami's body empty, or subject to a wild and unfamiliar soul), it is now a forbidden practice.


Remember, if you have any questions, never be hesitant to ask another Shinigami or Shikigami! All Shinigami are registered with the ITAD, and all Shikigami with the Bureau of Rings.

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