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New Comics and TCAF – Again!

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Hello again! I know I said I’d be updating more often. Well, the good news is that I’m actually producing artwork right now! Comics, even!

I’m visiting TCAF again this year, and I wanted to be able to give my friends something, so…



This is a fun little all-ages comic called Bubble Planet! It’s four pages and very cute, in my opinion.

This has served to remind me of how much I enjoy the unending mental challenge of creating comics. The thrill of doing a comic mixed with the limited time and energy is just how I remember it. However, that palpable excitement for the finished product and watching the characters develop as I continue to draw them is an excellent feeling — something I was able to maintain consistently over the course of the week or so it took to make this mini.

Drawing comics takes forever. It’s crazy. But it’s also rewarding — to have something! To create something! It can be done!

So find me at TCAF and maybe get one!

Not going to TCAF but want one? That’ll be taken care of when I get back…

I should be able to dedicate more of my free time to drawing for the rest of this year, so the next development post will be up when I’ve recovered from this trip!