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News and Art for Japan

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Oh, it has been a busy month. Busy, and definitely not slow, with a lot of firsts — my first time giving blood, my first time going to/being in a wedding, my first time seeing a whole bunch of groups in concert. I’m sure there were some others, too.

Also, this month was the first time since last year I’ve drawn any new Lovefeast pages. Yay! I would show them to you, except showing previews sometimes affects my productivity. I can’t describe it better, but there you go. You’ll see them finished when they’re ready!

A lot has been going on lately. With me, and with the world. It makes my head spin. Sometimes, I’m really not sure what to do. I’ve got people trying to influence the way I think, and I’ve got a pretty good chill going naturally, you know? I don’t need any extra or manufactured stress or worry, but sometimes, I have it. It’s strange to deal with. It’s very against my nature. What I’m talking about is drama, essentially; sometimes it surrounds me, but doesn’t actually have anything to do with me.

Sometimes it’s easier to deal with things that we know aren’t in our control, and never can be. At least, as people, we can be united that way — by realizing our human limitations, that we are human. Realizing that we all have hardships, and we don’t have to suffer them alone.

I’m making this post right now to inform you of something! Two original art pieces of mine are being sold to benefit charity. You might be interested in them! Each image links to their Etsy listing. Note: you don’t have to be signed up on Etsy to buy. I think.

Who Is Responsible for This? 9x12 original art for sale charity
Hey! Eustace’s covered in oil! I haven’t decided what specific project the sale of this piece will benefit yet — obviously I originally made it to benefit the Gulf of Mexico relief, but that was a year ago and I kind of dropped the ball timing-wise with this particular work — but I’ve narrowed it down to GlobalGiving.

Untitled 9x12 original art for sale to benefit Japan chairty
I created this in response to the situation in Japan. Funds will go to the Tennessee Tomodachi FundQuite a few art projects have cropped up in response to the whole situation, and it’s all pretty moving. Usually I feel as though I can’t make an impact at all anywhere, but I’ve just got to keep trying. I just want to do my little bit. Maybe along the way, I can stop being scared and learn how to really convey love.

If you think anyone besides yourself would be interested in buying these pieces, please do send them this way. I hope to sell both of these within the next week.