Questions and Answers

Because you might have them right about now.
Other detailed sections that you might like to check thoroughly first: The Cast, About the Comic

Q_ What's this?!
A_ In a nutshell, this comic is: Shinigami, drama, action, and, from time to time, sexuality and sappy romance. In ways, it has a little bit of everything, from hot guys to dark monsters. But it's certainly not limited to those things. We'll be going eeeeverywhere.

Q_ What do you use to make this comic?
A_ PaintTool Sai, Photoshop, and a Wacom Graphire4, my three best friends. Fonts come from everyplace, including my hands. I made the logo with textures from CG Textures and a very nice font called "James Fajardo".

Q_ Where d'ya get all those fancy tones/textures?
A_ EVERYWHERE. Some are my own. (I carry my camera places in hopes to shoot a nice texture!) Others are from Stock.xchng, deviantArt, CG Textures, and more. A lot of them are somewhere on the Links page. It's hard keeping up with all of them - I have a massive resources folder and lots of bookmarks.

Q_ Will Lovefeast ever be published?
A_ Maaaybe. We'll have to see what happens. In all likelihood, it would be self-published. I like physical comics, too.

Q_ How the hell am I supposed to keep track of this comic?!
A_ You can use RSS! RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication", is used by many sites now, feeding updated content to viewers through feed readers. I have links to my pages feed wherever you see this icon. Add to any RSS reader! You could also follow updates via Livejournal, Twitter, Tumblr, or other webcomic-tracking sites listed on the Support page.

Q_ How long would you say the comic will run?
A_ I'd say for a long time.

Q_ Do I have any layout alternatives while browsing this site?
A_ You're just in luck! The set of thumbnails near the top of the sidebar (on the front page) or at the bottom of the page (everywhere else but the archives) allow you to switch between different site skins I've made for you.

Q_ The top navigation in the archives disappeared! Wha happen?
A_ The top navigation purposely doesn't display while you're reading the comic. Presumably, you won't need it while reading. However, if you do, a quick visit to the Archives page brings it back. The top navigation will always display on the Archives front page, Archive pages listing, and Thumbnail pages listing.

Q_ Where did you get the idea for Lovefeast?
A_ I wanted to write a story with lots of gay men in it. I also wanted to use a concept (death gods) that does not have a ton of history, at least for the way it's perceived today. The idea eventually turned into something much more, serving as a great motivator to looking into real issues, world cultures, and history. Most importantly, I want the comic to be genuine.

Q_ What are your policies regaring usage of art on this site, et cetera?
A_ Take a look at this page.

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