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Prologue (Testament 0, A Shinigami)

We open on Chains makin' it with Eustace. Mid-coitus, Chains addresses what seems like a very intriguing question, now in his fledgling Shinigamihood - "If we do this, will I die?" Well, we'll see.

What comes (hee) afterwards is a series of different Shinigami battles and spars set throughout New Zealand. One man battles a multi-armed Dragon Daemon with his Divine Weapon, and another woman fights an Orangubird Daemon, turning the very ground at her feet molten and using it as a weapon. The Shinigami woman then utilizes a crystal to summon a Fossa Spirit before the scene cuts abruptly to a Shinigami spar between students.

We cut away to see that two small animals - the Shikigami Daylis (Dove) and Semar (Arctic Fox) - watch these scenes on an advanced laptop. They switch off to one last scene involving a hunter who was mauled by a coyote and is dying in a hospital before his family, a wife, older son, and younger daughter.

As the Priest recites the 23rd Psalm, in flashbacks the victim fights with the coyote to both his and the animal's demise. Back in the present, unbeknownst to the room's denizens, an Daemon spirit looms over him - the vengeful spirit of a Coyote! The Coyote waits to claim the man's Soul the moment it passes from his body. And, at the precise moment, it moves to strike!

And, at the precise moment, the demon's head is pierced by an arrow from seemingly out of nowhere, right in its weak spot. It perishes, fading to ash and nothingness, and we see who fired the weapon - a Shinigami, Moth.

After some consoling words - just enough to sate the newly-deceased man - Moth does her Shinigami thing and Sends his Soul to Purgatory using only her hand.

The Bureau of Rings Shikigami, content with the job Moth and the other Shinigami have done for the day, switch off their Battle/Field live stream and opt to watch video of the Opening Steps Ceremony that took place the day prior, where we see Chains and his idle daydreaming about fighting monsters as what he aspires to be - a Shinigami. If only he knew there would be more...

Everyone is then welcomed into the Institute by the Principal and Shinigami Ruler, Ryougami. The world of Shinigami awaits.

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